Television/ Talent Work

As seen on Discovery Channel's Shark Week 2020

In 2020 André worked with Discovery Channel for one of their Shark Week episodes, as the On- screen Shark Handler and Spearfishing expert. The episode "Adam Devine Secret Shark Lair" includes the cast of 'Workaholics' Adam Devine, Anders Holm and Blake Anderson, along with Marine Biologist & Ecologist Dr. Austin Gallagher and Alannah Vellacott. The concept of the show was to explore the mysteries behind a massive meeting of tiger sharks around the island of New Providence, Bahamas. Read More

Karmagawa X Represent Underwater Campaign 2019

Sometimes the rolls are change and André is the one modeling for the camera. This is a gallery of a recent underwater photoshoot campaign shot by photographer Jeffrey Panella for Karmagawa & Represent new line of clothing. Represent is a British clothing company who collaborated with Karmagawa, a charity community to use their products, reach and audience to support these charities in need. 100% of the profits from these products were donated to shark and lion charities to help their efforts to help save Sharks and Lions. Read more

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