Videos - André Musgrove

André Musgrove Underwater Showreel 2018

Great Big Story X Red Lobster - Protecting the Future of Rock Lobster Fishing

(Underwater DP)

Rosewood Limited Edition: The Bahamas

(Underwater DP)

Skratch X Grey Goose - Bryson Shares “Dumb” Decision and Winning Mentality | Live Victoriously

(Underwater DP)

TANIS - Would Be You (Official Video)

(Underwater DP/ Drone Operator)

Aliv Summer Campaign 2019

(Underwater DP)

Those from Shallow Waters - Teaser

(Underwater DP/ Marine Coordinator)

For the Love of Conch Documentary

(Underwater DP)

Short Films

Freediver's Life for Me

The Bimini Story

Sharks & Shipwrecks

A Water Full Life | My Story

Spearfishing Panama 2019

As Grand as it Gets

Whale of a Time

André Musgrove Marine Wildlife Showreel 2018

Bahamas Below

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