About André 

I am André Musgrove, a Scuba Diving Instructor and Freediver, specializing in underwater photography & Cinematography. I am based in Nassau, Bahamas, which affords me easy, unlimited access to the ocean to embark on new adventures and capture amazing moments. My passion for freelance photography & videography, underwater filming & editing, spearfishing and freediving allows me to live my life consumed by the ocean and I wouldn’t have it any other way. As an instructor with one of the largest dive operations in The Bahamas, I have worked with leading domestic and international brands and personalities, including World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Seabob, Lenzo, Nickelodeon and The Nature Conservancy. With over 900 logged scuba dives and over a decade of freediving & spearfishing experience, I have a distinctive edge for shooting a variety of underwater interactions in unique and sometimes extreme, scenarios. The perfect shot is always attainable and I aim to capture on camera virtually any concept anyone can imagine.